Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Daylight is gone.  Night has arrived.  Night has begun.  And I'm left of memories of the daytime as the night has only just begun.  But first, I'm hungry.  Perhaps dinner at 6:00 at night?  And then what next?  Perhaps the same as last night?  Perhaps something different.  I don't know.  Perhaps after dinner.  It's getting darker and daylight no longer floods through the window.  I'm not worried.  Daylight will return, but I have to make it through the night.  Thankfully, I'm sort of comforted by the night just as I'm thrilled by the daylight.  Turn on the light.  Let the light bulb illuminate the night. 
And as I'm lost in thought in the Wintertime, here are some photos of Halle Berry.

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