Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It's Wednesday and it's the afternoon.  I could see the daylight stream through the windows and I wonder if I should venture out into the Winter landscape.  Or perhaps I should stay indoors where it's nice and warm.  And should I venture into the Winter landscape, where should I go.  I can't venture out to enjoy the public parks because it's cold and I could see some Winter snow on the ground.  It's the type of day where it's best to spend most of the time indoors.  Perhaps I should wait until the Springtime.  But if I wait until the Springtime, then would I be waiting far too long?  If I venture out now, would I be too enthusiastic?  Or perhaps it's a good day for resting and relaxing.  Yes, perhaps I should rest and relax indoors instead.  It's daytime and night is hours away.  I have plenty of time to make my mind before darkness arrives.
And as I'm lost in thought during the Winter, here are some photos of Alison Brie.

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