Monday, December 25, 2017


It's almost the end of Christmas Day 2017 and the world is peaceful.  And with the world at peace (Or so it seems from the state of Ohio), there is a sense of quiet peacefulness.  I feel calm and relaxed as I celebrate the Christmas holiday.  The city of Columbus, Ohio is almost entirely shut down for the day.  There probably isn't a store in sight open on this day.  So there really isn't anything to do right now except to stay at home and relax.  And with Christmas Day reaching it's end, the world will gradually return to normal.  Stores and restaurants will reopen as scheduled in a few hours from now.  And soon, the peacefulness of Christmas 2017 will be in my memories.  But right now, I'm enjoying what's left of Christmas Day for all it's worth.
And as I'm lost in thought on Christmas Day, here are some photos of  Brenda Song.

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