Sunday, October 5, 2014


I guess you can say that I can take a small bank loan, just to truly use my new IPhone.  However, the prospects of a monthly bill would force me to say that I had my fill.  To be sure, the IPhone 6 is a really fancy box of tricks.  But what can I do if a monthly IPhone bill makes me feel ill.  It's true that I'll be feeling blue.  And so I wait, until it's too late.  Cause soon it will be obsolete, the ill will that will be delivered to the IPhone 6 will soon be given to treat.  Here comes the IPhone 7 which will now be considered heaven.  Though there will be glitches that naysayers will hate, others will wait for weeks in line for because it's their fate.  And then there will be IPhone 8, which people will wonder why it came so late.  But right now it's IPhone 6, that is currently in the mix.  It all came from a computer company called Apple, which is also a flavor of Snapple.
Vacation Getaway of the day:  Lake Panache, Ontario, Canada
And as what I say and my life passes into legend and lore, here are some photos of Demi Moore.

Demi Moore's daughter Tallulah Willis

Rumer Willis and her sister Tallulah Willis


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