Friday, October 24, 2014


I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich for my lunch.  And I watched some television before working on a jigsaw puzzle and surf the Internet for a while.  And the clock continues to move forward as the afternoon slowly drifts into night.  It's still daylight outside and the daylight will continue for a few more hours.  And for those waiting in the darkly lit shadows in the middle of the street nearby the parking lot, there won't be much waiting left to be done.  For those walking towards the parking lot towards their car while fearing the loss of daylight, there are still some hours of daylight left before the total darkness of night cover the land.  And perhaps much will happen when night covers the land.  And perhaps not much will happen when night covers the land.  The Gentle Reader and I await the answer as the Gentle Reader and I enjoy the last remaining hours of the Afternoon.
And as I'm lost in thought as afternoon slowly drifts into night, here are some photos of January Jones.

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