Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Rain fell for most of the day.  The plants, fish and ducks were overflowing and delight.  The rain did stop falling when darkness fell, but the daylight hours was mostly soaked by the falling rain.  I always enjoy watching the rain fall.  Yeah, there isn't much to do outside when the rain falls, but rain helps prevent droughts.  So I'm thankful for the falling rain in that respect.  And there are drought afflicted states such as California that wishes the rain fell once in a while.  Because of that, calling the falling rain bad weather really isn't that good of an idea (At least for those living in California).  No thunder.  No lightening.  Just the falling rain.  And I enjoyed every minute of the falling rain.
Vacation Getaway of the day:  Trikala, Greece
And as I'm lost in thought under the moon lit sky, here are some photos of Shailene Woodley.

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