Sunday, October 26, 2014


I once had a typewriter.  And I frequently made typos with that typewriter.  And if I used liquid paper to correct that mistake, then I'd have to wait for it to dry and it would look kind of sloppy.  Or I could retype it which would be frustrating if I made lots of typos that day.  There was this special plastic strip that I would type the same typo on and it did a better typo removal job than liquid paper (I forgot what that special plastic strip was called because nobody makes it anymore). 
I now type on a laptop computer and it only takes a few seconds to correct a typo.  No typos ever reach the paper.  And it's hard to imagine life before laptop computers because laptop computers makes life so much easier.
And as I'm lost in thought on a warm Autumn day, here are some photos of Lady Mary Charteris.

 Suki Waterhouse and Lady Mary Charteris
 Lady Mary Charteris

 Lady Mary Charteris and Robbie Furze

 Lady Mary Charteris, Robbie Furze and Willa Keswick

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