Thursday, October 9, 2014


The weather started out dry.  That was before it started raining.  And rain it did for most of the day.  The rain stopped falling about an hour or so ago.  I was going to mow the lawn, but I'm not sure if it's smart to do so this soon after the rain fell.  It might be better to wait until tomorrow (Assuming that rain doesn't fall tomorrow).  The fish, ducks and household plants enjoyed the rain while the lawn mower stayed in the outdoor shed a little bit longer.  Today had the chance to be the last lawn mowing job for 2014.  I guess tomorrow will have the distinction of being the last lawn mowing job for 2014 instead.  Whatever the case may be, the lawn needs to be mowed sooner or later and preferably sooner instead of later.  The Gentle Reader and I will find out how my efforts to mow the lawn tomorrow instead of today a few hours or so down the road. 
Vacation getaway of the day:  Überseequartier station located in Hamburg, Germany.
And as I'm lost in thought when the rain stopped falling, here are some photos of Bridgit Mendler. 

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