Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It's possible for an Indian Summer to bring warm weather back again.  Though it's much safer to assume that warm Summer-like weather won't return until the year 2015.  Until then, the Gentle Reader and I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day to look forward to.  And so it feels much more like Autumn when it's cold outside.  It's still warm enough to wear a zipper up hooded sweatshirt and a light jacket.  However, it's too cold to wander around without a coat.  And the practicality of wearing a coat outside is much more important than appearing cool and stylish by not wearing a coat outside.  Hey, wearing a coat outside in Autumn weather like this can be cool and stylish too.  It all depends on the coat that's being worn outside.  At any rate, it's Autumn in both the calendar and with regards to the outside weather. 
And as I'm lost in thought after the rain has fallen, here are some photos of Kristen Stewart.

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