Sunday, November 23, 2014


The snow has largely melted to nothing.  The wind can be heard blowing against the house that I'm currently living in.  Night has fallen.  The moon and the stars is out.  It's both freezing cold and dark outside.  This isn't the type of weather to fall asleep on the park bench.  Even with the snow melted away, this isn't the type of weather for going asleep on the sidewalk.  For those without a home, go find shelter.  Make whatever compromises is needed to find shelter.  Sleeping outside in the Winter---Even a mild Winter such as this---Is never a safe thing to be undertaking.  And with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, I pray that everybody has a home of some sort to go to and a family to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with.  This isn't the type of weather to be sleeping in the alley with a bottle of beer alone.
And as I'm lost in thought after the snow has melted away during the opening days of Winter in Columbus, Ohio, here are some photos of Holly Brook Hafermann aka Skylar Grey.

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