Sunday, November 16, 2014


This is something that isn't normally seen in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio---At least not in the neighborhood that I live in.  There were five police cars plus an ambulance camped out in front of my house.  No, it wasn't the house I'm living in.  Rather, one of the neighbors instead was visited by five police cars and an ambulance.  I was afraid to go outside and ask which house was visited by five police cars and an ambulance because there were so many police officers swarming around.  The normally silent and empty street was swarming with five police cars, an ambulance and somewhere around the vicinity of ten or more police officers for about an hour.  A full hour later, they have all gone and the street was empty again.  Nothing.  I didn't leave the house to check the post police investigation environment.  I just stayed indoors watching tabloid true crime television show.
And as I'm lost in thought early Sunday morning, here are some photos of Charlize Theron.

Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron

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