Friday, November 14, 2014


It was on October 27, 2014 that Maria Shriver took her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger out to dinner at Mr. Chow Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.  Katherine Schwarzenegger wasn't bothered by being constantly photographed by the paparazzi.   

 Maria Shriver though had mixed reactions about being constantly photographed by the paparazzi.  Happiness quickly turned sour for Maria Shriver.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of film actor, body builder athlete and former Govornor of California (Being born in Austria was the only reason why he didn't run for President of the United States) Arnold Schwarzenegger and television journalist also former First Lady of California Maria Shriver (The daughter of politician Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy (Sister of former President of the United States John F. Kennedy)).  One day in California, Patrick Schwarzenegger asked Miley Cyrus out on a date.  Miley Cyrus accepted his offer to go out on a date.  So they spent the afternoon at his apartment and was spotted by the Paparazzi departing for an unknown location.
Flash forward a couple of days.  Maria Shriver and her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger accompanied Patrick Schwarzenegger on his date with Miley Cyrus.  The four were spotted seeing a movie at a nearby movie theater.  They were spotted talking outside the movie theater. 
Maria Shriver was spotted heading for one car.  Katherine Schwarzenegger was spotted heading into another car.  Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus talked with each other for a while longer.

Patrick Schwarzenegger escorted Miley Cyrus as the Limousine Driver closed the door and walked around the car to drive it away from the movie theater.

The limousine stopped in front of Maria Shriver's massive multi-trillion dollar mansion in Brentwood, California.  The Limousine Driver opened the door to allow Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus to depart from the limousine.  Patrick Schwarzenegger escorted Miley Cyrus inside Maria Shriver's house for a few more hours. 
The Paparazzi continued to camp outside Maria Shriver's mansion for the rest of the evening.
Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are both twenty-one years old.  Patrick Schwarzenegger is a student at USC, while Miley Cyrus refuses to attend college.  The California Golden Bears were playing against the USC Trojans.  Miley Cyrus and her friends were in attendance at the college football game with both a jacket and a ski cap of a college she refuses to attend classes at.

 Miley Cyrus glowed when she spotted Patrick Schwarzenegger as she quickly raced towards him.  They pair embraced.  Patrick was unable to pause in his texting on his cell phone long enough to enjoy Miley Cyrus' warm embrace.

 Patrick Schwarzenegger continued to text on his cell phone as he lovingly kissed Miley Cyrus over and over again.  The pair was clearly in love with each other.

Miley Cyrus had no idea who won the football game because she was too busy kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger.  Always a genius in multi-tasking, Patrick Schwarzenegger texted non-stop on his cell phone the entire time he lovingly made out with Miley Cyrus.

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