Thursday, January 7, 2016


No matter what the Gentle Reader thought about my failed college education at both Ohio State University and at Franklin University, there is one fact which can't be disputed. I'm finally debt free. I finally paid off my college tuition loans 100% to absolute zero. I no longer have crushing student loan debts haunting my every move. No longer will anybody be able to use my college tuition loans as a weapon of war against me. !00% of my college tuition loans is finally paid off once and for all starting today. So now I can start saving for the future instead of worrying about how I'm going to fork it over to pay off college tuition loans because there isn't any to worry about anymore. And it feels good to never have to worry about such a thing anymore. My life keeps getting better and better with each progressive day. :)
And as I'm lost in thought while learning to enjoy a financially debt free existence again, here are some photos of Olivia Palermo.

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