Saturday, January 16, 2016


Most celebrities are sick and tired of the Paparazzi.  Yeah, I know that's a weird thing that normal folks can't be expected to understand.  However, if you're followed around by a bunch of people who are constantly snapping photos non-stop, the tendency to feel toleration towards the Paparazzi is worn thin.  Again, this is something that normal folks can't be expected to understand.  It's the type of thing that only a famous person such as Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark aka St. Vincent has to deal with day after day.  So one night, Cara and Annie got revenge by attacking the Paparazzi with water guns one night.  And yes, the Paparazzi was sent running as Cara and Annie chased after them with their water guns blazing with a non-stop stream of water being sprayed on their non-stop clicking cameras.

 Cara Delevingne then enjoyed a night on the town after attacking the Paparazzi with water guns.

 Annie Clark aka St. Vincent followed Cara Delevingne close behind.
Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark's nerves are worn much too thin by the irritating Paparazzi.  So the only solution the two women could come up with was to leave London, England behind to go on vacation to Barbados for a few days.  So off the two women traveled to the exotic tropical Caribbean island of Barbados with Suki Waterhouse tagging along.  Little did the three women know that the irritating Paparazzi followed Cara, Annie and Suki to Barbados.  And after searching all of Barbados, the Paparazzi finally located Cara Delevingne without Suki and Annie.  Time for the non-stop photographing from the Paparazi to hound poor Cara while she's on vacation in Barbados.

 The Paparazzi briefly lost track of Cara Delevingne only to locate Suki Waterhouse and Annie Clark.  Time for the non-stop photographing cameras to constantly take photos of the pair.
 Where is Annie.  No matter.  The Paparazzi gets to take more photos of Suki Waterhouse nonstop and without her permission.

 Oh there she is.  Suki Waterhouse and Annie Clark has been reunited.

 Oh an extra treat for the Paparazzi.  Cara Delevingne's parents property developer Charles Delevingne and Pandora Delevingne has joined along with Suki Waterhouse.  Don't let up.  The non-stop clicking cameras of the Paparazzi needs to keep taking photos of the vacation.

 Cara Delevingne was the first to reach the boat.
Suki Waterhouse, Pandora Delevingne, Annie Clark and Charles Delevingne were the next to reach the boat.

 And off the boat goes to explore the Antantic Ocean with Annie Clark, Charles Delevinge and his daughter Cara Delevingne at the helm.

 Oh yes, Suki Waterhouse, Annie Clark, Cara Delevingne, Charles Delevingne and Pandora Deleivinge were having so much fun with their Carribean boat ride, they failed to see the Paparazzi following close behind in a boat of their own.

 Suki Waterhouse, Pandora Delevingne, her daughter Cara Deleivinge and Annie Clark failed to see the Paparazzi still is constantly taking photos of them while enjoying their boat ride.

 Has Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark spotted the Paparazzi following them on a boat of their own yet?  Perhaps not yet.  Close call though.

 Girl Talk time for Suki Waterhouse, Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne.

 And when the boat ride came to an end, Charles Delevingne and his daughter Cara Delevingne were the first to exit the boat.

Cara Delevingne realized that the Paparazzi followed her the Barbados and were in a boat close behind the boat that her father Charles Delevingne was renting.  And the decision that Cara Delevingne had made was....
This story will be continued tomorrow...

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