Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Eiza González Reyna was born in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico on January 30, 1990.   Her older Brother of twelve years and her were the children of Carlos (Who died in a motorcycle accident when she was twelve years old) and her former Mexican fashion model named Glenda Reyna.  It was at Mexico City, Mexico that she attended school first at the  Edron Academy before switching to American School Foundation of Mexico City.  Eiza's education at the age of fourteen was at Centro de Educación Artística which was owned and operated by the Televisa Media Conglomerate to learn how to be an actress and a musician.  She studied acting at M & M Studio between 2003 and 2004.  Getting into the M & M Studio because it was owned and operated by a famous actress by the name of Patricia Reyes Spíndola.  At age sixteen, she had to drop out after only studying for two years out of the mandatory three years because she was cast for the Televisa Media Conglomerate broadcasted teenage demographic orientated daytime soap opera telenovela Lola, érase una vez (Lola, Once Upon A Time) which released 224 episodes and resulted in a blockbuster soundtrack album between February 26, 2007 and January 11, 2008.
After going on tour to promote the Lola, érase una vez (Lola, Once Upon A Time) Soundtrack album Eiza Gonzalez and her mother Glenda Reyna relocated to New York City, New York, USA to attend Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute for a three month course in 2008 before relocating back to Mexico.  The second season of Mujeres asesinas (Killer Women) casted Eiza Gonzalez in a supporting role in April 2009.  Her first solo album Contracorriente (Counter current) also on 2009 on EMI Televisa Music.  On 2010, she relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina to film her second telenovela which was also geared towards tweens entitled Sueña Conmigo (Dream With Me) was released 150 episodes between July 20, 2010 to April 1, 2011.  Eiza Gonzalez returned to Mexico and released her second album Te Acordarás de Mí (You Will Remember Me) on 2012.  She made her theatrical motion picture debut in Casi 30 which was filmed in 2012, but released two years later on 2014.  She also made her third telenovela (Her first geared towards adults) entitled Amores Verdaderos (True Love) which released 181 episodes between September 3, 2012 to May 12, 2013.  Eiza Gonzalez relocated to Los Angeles, California, United States to costar in the cable network (Released on Netflix outside North America and South America) television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series which recently been renewed for a third season.  Eiza Gonzalez also makes a cameo as Jetta in the mid-credits scene in the major motion picture Jem and the Holograms.  Eiza Gonzalez continues to act in film and television as well as record music and tour to support her albums to this exact moment of time.

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