Friday, January 6, 2017


Time never moves backwards nor does time stand still.  Time only moves forward.  Time moves forward regardless of your state of preparation.  Can you see the hands of the clock.  You may try to break the clock, but time itself isn't broken.  Only your ability to measure time has been broken, but time itself remains unaffected.  The clock is still ticking.  Even when you close your eyes and cover your ears, the clock is still making the ticking sound.  The future is only seconds away.  The future is always within reach.  You try to grab it.  But the problem with the future, is that it always ends up becoming the present and then it becomes a past event.  The future itself continues to be elusive, but you reach out and try to grab it anyway.  Perhaps, someday, you'll be able to catch up with time itself.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Niky Taylor.

Judit Masco, Niki Taylor and Karen Mulder
Counter clockwise from the top:  Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Elaine Erwin, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Yasmin Gahuri, Niky Taylor, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Karen Alexander

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