Friday, January 27, 2017


We've been losing a lot of icons and legends recently. Perhaps more so than usual. It all started on January 2016 and it really hasn't stopped since then.
11. Sir John Hurt---Died on January 27, 2017
I thought the year 2017 was going to stop the sudden rapid fire deaths of icons, but I guess January 2017 has two more surprises in store. Hey, perhaps February will be the month in which the rapid fire loss of icons and legends will finally cease. Hey, it's possible. The loss of so many icons and legends will be missed in Hollywood. The positive contributions they all brought to the world won't be forgotten. May they all rest in peace.
And as I'm lost in thought while mourning the loss of Hollywood legends, here are some photos of Jennifer Grey, daughter of stage and Academy Award winning (For his role as Master of Ceremonies in the movie Cabaret) film actor Joel Grey and musician/actress Jo Wilder.

 Jennifer Grey and her father Joel Grey

 Clark Gregg and his spouse Jennifer Grey
 Jennifer Grey

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