Friday, February 28, 2014


And today was the day that Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper got the chance to meet Lisa Loeb.  The two had a wonderful conversation and each other's company on what turned out to be a pleasant and delightful afternoon.  And when Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper convinced Lisa Loeb to abandon her previously scheduled plans to hang out with him for a few more hours, he was amazed how quickly she agreed to his suggestion.  All he needed to do was to ask.  It was as simple as that.  And it was so easy to tell her all of his problems in graphic detail because she was more than capable of listening than any other woman on Earth.  Always remember never to leave out any detail so that Lisa can understand Vincent's concerns.  It was always Lisa's primary job to be his sounding board and closest confidant.  And that alone made life so much better.

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