Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The sun is above the clouds somewhere.  I'm not sure where above the clouds the sun is hiding, but it's up there somewhere.  There is no doubt in my mind that it's daytime.  That much is clear.  Yet, despite the time of day is somewhere in the daytime, the sun isn't seen, but rather hidden away by the clouds.  The land is still illuminated by the sun despite the sun itself hidden away by the clouds.  It's still possible to walk in a straight line outside without the use of a flashlight.  The clouds will clear to allow the sun to be seen once again.  But today isn't the day to see the clear blue sky.  Not yet at any rate, but perhaps sometime later in the future---If the Gentle Reader and I are lucky.
And as I'm lost in thought during the freezing cold days of December, here are some photos of Heidi Klum.


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