Monday, December 29, 2014


President Barack Obama recently passed an executive order lifting the embargo against the Communist Government of President Raul Castro and his brother Former Cuban President Fidel Castro.  However, the embargo against the Communist government of Cuba isn't truly official until the Republican controlled Capitol Hill passes a bill lifting the embargo.  So what essentially what President Barack Obama did by passing an executive order to lift the embargo against Cuba is a meaningless symbolic gesture.  I never met her so it's not known what half Caucasian and half Hispanic Cuban-American actress Bella Thorne thinks about it all.  Does she have relatives in Cuba that she never seen and his hopeful for the lifting of the embargo so she can see them?  Or are there other feelings about the slow haphazard lifting of the United States of America embargo against Cuba aside from relative still on the other side to contemplate.  There are all sorts of issues swimming in Bella Thorne's head as she woke up in the morning.
After a slow waking up in the morning, Bella Thorne took a shower and groomed herself in preparation for the day ahead.
Bella Thorne loves baking cookies with her best friends forever.
And later that evening, Bella Thorne had a play date with Emmy Rossum.

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