Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The wait for Christmas snow in Columbus, Ohio has been an act of futility for the Gentle Reader and Myself.  So there comes a point of time when the Gentle Reader and Myself gives up waiting.  And since making snow fall is impossible for mere mortals such as the Gentle Reader and myself (Unless a snow making machine falls into my possession (which it hasn't yet)), making due with a green Christmas shall be the primary order of the day.  Yeah there were the days of Ancient Greek Empire and the Ancient Roman Empire where a Prophet of the Lord performs all sorts of cool magic tricks like causing world wide flooding, causing the Red Sea to part, causing food to appear from thin air and causing water to spill out of solid rock.  But the Ancient Days when such Ancient Biblical Prophets of the Lord are long gone now.  There is nobody around to make snow appear from out of thin air as if by magic.  So it's time instead to prepare for a green Christmas for the Citizens of Columbus, Ohio.
And as I'm lost in thought while drinking a steaming mug of coffee on a freezing cold day, here are some photos of Lucy Kate Hale.

 Lucy Kate Hale as an Elementary School age child
Kacey Musgraves and Lucy Kate Hale
 Carrie Underwood and Lucy Kate Hale
 Lucy Kate Hale and Miley Cyrus
 Lucy Kate Hale and her older sister Maggie Hale
 Lucy Kate Hale and her Mother (Who finds employment as a Registered Nurse)

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