Monday, December 15, 2014


Is it still raining?  It was raining very loudly and noticeably a few minutes ago.  While most people living in the United States of America deals either severe snow storms or severe rain storms, The Citizens of Columbus, Ohio had no need to worry about either.  And then the rain fell.  Like I said before, it was raining very loudly and noticeably at the start of the hour.  But now the rain appears to be gone.  But it's nice to know that the fish, ducks and outdoor plants got some water for a few minutes.  And so with the clock moving towards the hour of the night where late night and early morning pretty much serves as one and the same, much needed sleep is needed.  The midnight hour is the perfect time to get some much needed sleep. 
And as I'm lost in thought as rain starts to fall from the sky as the clock ticks closer towards midnight, here are some photos of Kaley Cuoco.

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