Friday, December 5, 2014


And so continues the freezing cold days of December.  Summer is long gone and the weather will continue to be freezing cold for roughly the next three months.  Spring will arrive, but that won't happen until next year when the year 2015 kicks into high gear.  Even then, the first two months of the year 2015 will also be freezing cold and gripped in Winter.  Just as the days begin in darkness and end in darkness, the year starts with Winter and ends with Winter.  But it's the daylight and the Summer-like weather that's in the middle that we remember most of all.
And as I'm lost in thought on the freezing cold days of December, here are some photos of Sheryl Crow.

 Sheryl Crow and Lisa Loeb
 Lisa Loeb

 Michelle Branch and Lisa Loeb
 Michelle Branch

BMI CEO Michael O'Neill and Stevie Nicks
 Stevie Nicks

Haley Reinhart

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