Thursday, December 4, 2014


And thus continues the story of Steven Post Hitchcock---An unmarried minimum wage earning dishwasher employed by Bob Evans Restaurant.  I have produced no children in my forty-six years of existence.  I have roughly fifty-four years left before I turn one hundred years of age.  And with only four more years to go before middle aged, I'm alarmed to see white hair starting to appear.  The white hair on my head isn't prevalent enough to motivate me to have my hair dyed, but it's something that I've considered for much later down the road.  Right now, it's roughly three weeks and a few days left to go before Christmas.  I'm ready for some Christmas cheer.
And as I'm lost in thought on a freezing cold Winter day, here are some photos of Michelle Branch.
  Chris Null, Michelle Branch, founder of The Art of Elysium Jennifer Howell
  Chris Null and Michelle Branch
 Michelle Branch

 Michelle Branch, Zach Braff and Michelle Trachtenberg
 Dude Unknown, Michelle Trachtenberg and Cameron Silver
 Michelle Trachtenberg and founder of The Art of Elysium Jennifer Howell

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