Monday, December 8, 2014


Are solar panels functional when it's cloudy outside.  I know that solar power doesn't work in the night.  I also know that solar power doesn't work when the solar panels are mounted on the roof and are covered with snow.  I thought solar power works when it's cloudy outside.  But does solar power truly work when there's plenty of daylight, but the sun is hidden by the clouds?  I don't know.  I do know that the day that electric powered cars or solar powered cars is the best way to remove dependency on gasoline powered cars.  The problem is improving solar and electric power in such a way that gasoline isn't nearly as crucial to modern life as it once was.  The planet Earth will run out of gasoline sooner or later so the need for solar power will make itself be known sooner or later.  I'd rather the advances in solar power be done sooner instead of later.  Let's not wait until society is falling apart due to the planet Earth completely running out of a non-renewable energy source such as gasoline, coal and natural gas before realizing that advances in solar power is needed to save Major League Baseball from both going bankrupt and becoming a pile of forgotten ruins lost inside long forgotten ruins of long forgotten cities.
And as I'm lost in thought under a cloudy sky, here are some photos of Madison Headrick.

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