Friday, June 5, 2015


Cara Santana was frustrated.  She was kept waiting for far too long.  And the Beauty Salon didn't even have a decent selection of magazines.  She tried to surf the Internet and text on her smart phone, but the Beauty Salon was constructed in a way that disrupted her Internet Wi-Fi access.  So she couldn't even use her smart phone for anything.  So after waiting for close to two hours (Or rather, it felt like two hours, but it was actually far shorter than that), it was finally Cara Santana's turn at the Beauty Salone.  One Beauty Salon Employee #1 tended to her finger nails.  She looked down to realize that her toes wasn't attended to. 
Cara said, "Excuse me, but what about my toes.  My toe nails needs to be done too.  What.  You expect me to walk around town with my toes looking like that."
Beauty Salon Employee #1 said, "I'm sorry."
Cara replied, "I'm not looking for excuses.  I'm looking for results."  And when her toes wasn't attended, Cara added, "Right now would be a good time to attend to my toe nails.  Come on.  Let's move it.  My time is valuable."

 So Beauty Salon Employee #1 tended to Cara's finger nails while Beauty Salon Employee #2 attended to Cara's toe nails.  But Cara realized that something was a bit off.
Cara said, "The sloppiness of this service is offensive."
Beauty Salon Employee #1 asked, "Is there something wrong?"
Cara replied, "The fact that you need to act is simply not acceptable."
Beauty Salon Employee #2 replied, "Is there anything else we can help you with?"
Cara said, "I happen to be a wealthy and powerful woman."
Beauty Salon Employee #1 replied, "I'm aware of that Ma'am."
Cara said, "Then why isn't anybody rubbing my shoulders if you're aware of that fact.  Come on people.  Snap to it.  Time is money.  Let's get moving."
And so Beauty Salon Employee #3 started rubbing Cara Santana's shoulders while Beauty Salon Employee #1 did Cara Santana's finger nails while Beauty Salon Employee #2 did Cara Santana's toe nails.  And Cara Santana was happy once again.

 And when her pedicure was finally done, Cara was asked why she didn't leave a tip.  To which, Cara replied, "If you desire a tip, then here it is.  Try to give me better service and you'll actually get tipped.  Thanks for nothing."
And Cara Santana left the Beauty Salon.
 Cara Santana walked back towards her apartment on a scorching hot Summer day.

 And now Cara Santana is ready for her date with Jesse Metcalfe.

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