Sunday, June 28, 2015


I have every confidence that everything will turn out wonderful tonight.  Why wouldn't it be turning out so?  I never committed any crimes.  I never fell pray to any damaging nor harmful temptations.  I don't drink alcohol much.  I don't smoke.  I try to avoid strip clubs.  I'm a forty-seven year old virgin.  I'm saving my virginity for either marriage or common law marriage (Whichever comes first).  It's preferred that the woman is in it for the long haul before I even consider giving up my virginity.  Sex isn't recreation.  It's something to be taken seriously.  I'm about as boring and pure as they come.  And so as night replaces day and I look at the flickering screen of my laptop computer, I take delight in what has transpired today.  Oh yeah, today was a good day and tomorrow will be even better. 
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Miley Cyrus.

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