Wednesday, June 24, 2015


 And no, Lizzy Caplan isn't related to me.  Yeah, it's true that I was originally born under the name of Steven Harold Kaplan.  However, there's a huge difference between spelling the name Kaplan and spelling the name Caplan.  And had I known that it was possible to become successful and wealthy under the name of Caplan, then I probably wouldn't have legally changed my name to Steven Post Hitchcock on May 7, 1992.  But what is done has been done and I've been fully established under the name of Steven Post Hitchcock that returning it back to Steven Harold Kaplan wouldn't be prudent.  Still, it's nice to know know that there is another person out there by the name of Kaplan even though it's actually spelled Caplan and clearly not of the same family.  Unless Lizzy Caplan is Jewish and her family originated from Russia.  Actually, I used to be Jewish, but now I'm Protestant Christian and my Father's side of the family originated from Russia.  My Mother's side of the family originated from England.  Lizzy Caplan is Jewish, both of her parents are Jewish and she never converted to Christianity.  And again I doubt there is any family connection despite the similarity of name (I used to be named Kaplan and she's still named Caplan).  Anyway, Lizzy Caplan is a lovely woman and a great actress.

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