Sunday, June 14, 2015


I'll be drinking coffee with my breakfast a few hours from now.  Not yet.  I'm tired right now.  I'll be needing to get some rest.  I need to get some sleep.  There's nothing wrong with going to sleep at night.  It's not healthy to go without sleep.  And if there's dreams to be experienced when going to sleep, well, there's nothing wrong with that.  And if the dreams that are being dreamt turns out to be offensive to another person---Well, who beyond the person having the dream will ever know.  It's pointless to avoid sleeping and dreaming because somebody else might be offended by whatever is being dreamt.  So get some sleep in the nighttime.  Dream a little.  You'll feel better in the morning.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Jennifer Aniston.

 Patrick Tobin and Jennifer Aniston
Emily Blunt, Eddie Redmayne, Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern

 Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern

 Eddie Redmayne and Emily Blunt

 Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston

Emily Blunt

Jennifer Aniston

Laura Dern and Michael Keaton
 Eddie Redmayne and Laura Dern

 Laura Dern and Eddie Redmayne

Laura Dern

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