Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The end of an era isn't the end of somebody's life.  Rather, the end of one era is the start of a new era.  There is nothing wrong with recreating yourself.  Yeah, it would be better if the Gentle Reader recreates into something better than the previous edition.  Recreating yourself into somebody worse than yourself defeats the whole purpose of recreation.  It's always a good thing to aspire to be better than you already are.  Growth and self improvement is a necessary part of existing.  And to leave the community better than when the Gentle Reader first saw it would be the most ideal form of living.   
And as I'm lost in thought while thoughts about Summer fill my head, here are some photos of Theodora Richards.

 Theodora Richards and her sister Alexandra Richards

 Theodora Richards

 Alexandra Richards, her fashion model and actress mother Patti Hansen and her sister Theodora Richards
 Theodora Richards and Patti Hansen
 Patti Hansen, her spouse Keith Richards who plays lead guitar for the Rolling Stones and her daughter Theodora Richards

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