Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Heroes was a television series that ran for seventy-seven episodes across four seasons between September 25, 2006 through February 8, 2010.  It was a science fiction televisions series about normal human beings who become plain clothes wearing super-heroes while being persecuted by people who are afraid of super-heroes.  Essentially it's similar to the X-Men and allows bleach blond, blue eyed Anglo-Saxon Protestant Men to claim to be persecuted victims of discrimination simply because they have the super-powered ability to fly in mid-air.  Yeah right, as if that would ever happen in reality (Which it probably never will).  Still, it was a good run even though the alleged super-heroes never actually wear any colorful action costume super-suits.  Anyway, Heroes is coming back in the form of a thirteen episode mini-series entitled Heroes Reborn on  September 24, 2015.  Keep in mind that ninety percent of the main cast of characters from the previous four seasons have chosen to sit the fifth season mini-series out.  The original cast members who did show up only made limited guest star roles.  Among the new cast members hoping to get the television viewer to forget the fact that ninety percent of the original cast are missing is Gatlin Green who I'm assuming is the new leading lady of the thirteen episode mini-series Heroes Reborn (Having nothing to do with the Marvel Comics super-hero mini-series of the same name).

 Gatlin Green and her brother Cooper Green as they gain momentum as a rock music duet

 Cooper Green, his sister Gatlin Green and his mother Wendi Green
 Gatlin Green and her friends hanging out with Taylor Swift
 Gatlin Green and Cody Simpson
 Lia Marie Johnson, Cody Simpson and Gatlin Green

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