Thursday, June 4, 2015


And how long must somebody wait.  And now long must somebody sift through assorted television show episodes as if to ask for a prediction of the future from a fortune teller.  And would a film and/or a television show episode succeed in making a fortune with blockbuster sales, but still be looked as a failure because the film and/or television show episode failed to correct the situation.  We need to watch television now!  Taking a walk outside the enjoy nature can wait.  Going boating on the lake can wait.  Going for a drive through the mountains can wait.  The film and/or television show episode was specifically designed to fill a specific purpose.  You need to pay attention to that instead.  Don't tape the episode and/or film to watch later.  Do it now.  Sit on the couch and watch images flicker on the television tube.  It's great weather outside, but that can wait for later as you watch the latest television show episode instead.  And perhaps a videogame later.
And as I'm lost in thought on a warm Summer day, here are some photos of Teresa Palmer.

Teresa Palmer and Jaime King

Kyle Newman and Jaime King
Jaime King

Ashley Madekwe and Aimee Song

Israeli-British Actor Iddo Goldberg aka עדו גולדברג‎ accompanied by Half Caucasian-British and half African-Swiss actress Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe

Britt Robertson and Nolan Gerard Funk

 Britt Robertson

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