Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Person #1 stood next to me one day to tell me a story. 
Person #1 said, "Ok, so there was this assassination that occurred in 2004 which lead to smaller skirmishes all the way to the year 2008.  These skirmishes lead to the overthrow of the United States Government leading to a dictatorship.  From the year 2008 to October 2015 there was a civil war between this dictatorship and the rebellion movement.  The leader of the rebellion went back in time to the year 1963 in order to assassinate himself to prevent the birth of his son.  That way, his son never overthrew the dictatorship and the Resistance Leader reincarnates into a brand new person with a brand new face.  As a result, this whole world is a mistake with a brand new continuity."
I replied, "And you have proof that this event ever happened."
Person #1 said, "The time machine/alternate reality travel machine was erased from existence when the Time Traveling Resistance Leader assassinated himself in 1963 to prevent the birth of his dictator son and reincarnates into a brand new person."
I replied, "Don't you hate that when that happens."
Person #1 said, "It's the pits.  Please don't repeat this on the Internet.  I don't want anybody to think that I'm a crazy acting nut."
I replied, "I promise not to mention this on the Internet."
Person #1 said, "Thank you."
I replied, "Hey, what are friends for."
While I'm lost in thought while surfing the Internet, here are some photos of Chinese, Maori, Cook Islander, Australian, New Zealander and English descended fashion model/actress Courtney Eaton.

 Courtney Eaton and Coach CEO Victor Luis
 Courtney Eaton

 Designer Dan Caten, Courtney Eaton and designer Dean Caten
 Sophie Hart and Courtney Eaton
 Courtney Eaton

Taissa Farmiga and Courtney Eaton
 Taissa Farmiga

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