Saturday, July 18, 2015


Yes, we can linger in the past.  We can also sacrifice the future so we can wallow in the past.  But it doesn't change the most basic thing.  What occurred in the past can't be changed.  And if there were any trauma that occurred in the past, there is no time machine that can fix it.  No golden child messiah can make the pain of past life events go down easily.  Just apologize for any mistakes made in the past and made a genuine effort never to repeat such mistakes in the future.  A reasonable person would accept that if your heart and intentions is pure enough.  The future is a blank page and full of optimism.  And having the self confidence to seek out an optimistic future will make your life so much better in the long run.
And as I'm lost in thought while taking a look back at my life, here are some photos of Anne Hathaway.

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