Friday, July 17, 2015


The road ahead of me is closed.  I'm positive that the road will be closed for the rest of the month, perhaps even longer.  The road behind me is open, but will it be wise to travel backwards.  Perhaps there is a road parallel to the closed road that I could take.  Is there a parallel road that can be taken?  Yes, there is a parallel road for me to travel down.  Yet, the path to the parallel road is difficult and tricky, but it's a road that's ultimately possible to take.  And the parallel road is open for traffic, though few people know that the road is open for traffic.  So that's what I'll do.  I'll travel towards the parallel road and that's the route that I'll be taking home.  See how problems can be easy when you know how to resolve them?
And as I'm lost in thought with a road map in my hand, here are some photos of Ellie Kemper.

 Mindy Kailing and Ellie Kemper in a scene from the sitcom series (And remake of the BBC version) the Office
Ellie Kemper

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