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It was originally meant to be an all Caucasian male team of only two guys played by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as a follow up to their collaboration in television series Saturday Night Live as well as the films 1944 and the original Blues Brothers. Dr. Peter Venkman was supposed to be played by John Belushi while Dr. Raymond Stantz was to be played by Dan Akroyd. Louis Tully was originally to be played by actor John Candy and to be played as an idiot (and evil) conservative businessman blocking character who got in the way of progress. The original Ghostbusters uniform was SWAT Squad riot gear with Harry Potter style magic wands instead of proton Packs. The Ghostbusters were supposed to have the super-powered ability to travel through time and space before entering the afterlife itself to battle Satan. However, pre-Computer Generated Image (CGI) had it's limitations regarding special effects. Then John Belushi died from a drug overdose. Then John Candy pulled out with Rick Moranis taking over the role of Louis Tully who became a nice, friendly geek. Which meant that a brand new idiot (and evil) conservative businessman blocking character who got in the way of progress had to be created. The script was revamped yet again since evil no longer lurked in Dana Barrett's (Played by Sigourney Weaver) apartment building. Bill Murray took over the role of Dr. Peter Venkman and a brand new character named Dr. Egon Spengler was given to filmmaker Harold Ramis. For racial minority color, Winston Zeddemore was originally given to Eddie Murphy, but then given to Ernie Hudson instead. Toss in grey jumpsuits instead of SWAT Squad riot gear. Toss in proton packs instead of Harry Potter style magic wands. The resulting film was entitled Ghostbusters.
The recurring cast of characters also included David Margulies as New York City Mayor Lenny as the closest thing the Ghostbusters have to a U.S. Government appointed supervisor. Annie Potts also joined along as Ghostbusters secretary Janine Melnitz. Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts were the only women in the male dominated cast.
Ghostbusters was such a huge hit that a sequel entitled Ghostbusters II quickly followed. Gozer and Ivo Shandor was originally supposed to be the same exact person and played by Paul Ruebens aka Pee Wee Herman. Gozer aka the Traveler aka the Destructor aka Volguus Zildrohar became female and played by Yugoslavian fashion model Slavitza Jovan and became the main villain of the first film which was released on June 7, 1984. Prince Vigo von Homburg Deutschendorf the Carpathian of Moldovia---The Scourage of Carpathia and the Sorrow of Moldovia played by Wilhelm Von Homburg became the main villain of the second film which was released on June 16, 1989. Peter MacNicol was hired to play Dr. Janosz Poha as a secondary villain character in Ghostbusters II. William Atherton played evil Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrat William Peck as the Idiot bureaucratic blocking character for the first film. Kurt Fuller as the Mayor of New York City's assistant Jack Hardemeyer was the idiot bureaucratic blocking character for the second film with the fate of William Peck still unknown. Nobody really misses the creep.
Twenty-six years have gone by without a third Ghostbusters film. The inability to get the original cast to join together to film the third movie plus the death of Harold Ramis forced Hollywood insiders to have the third Ghostbusters film completely recasted. No offense to Bill Murray and his alleged script shredding and mailing the shredded script back to Hollywood insiders inside an alleged trash bag antics, but people are impatient and people get tired of waiting. If an all female Ghostbusters crew is the only way to do it, then so be it. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones has just been hired to be the next generation of Ghostbusters to star in Ghostbusters III to start filming this Summer (Hopefully, there won't be yet another delay because twenty-six years is a long time to wait for a third Ghostbusters film to get made). No word yet on if classic Ghostbusters villains Slimer or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will appear in Ghostbusters III.
Now for the cast of Ghostbusters III
Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan
Melissa McCarthey as Abby Bergman
Kristen Wiig as Erin Gabler
Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann
Chris Hemsworth as Kevin the Secretary
Neil Casey as the Unnamed Main Villain
The New Ghostbusters colorful action costume super-suits uniforms
 The new Ghostbusters proton packs weapons

The original Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car was a 1959 Cadillac ambulance
The Ghostbusters III version of Ecto-1 is a 1989 Cadillac Brougham

Kristen Wiig as Erin Gabler

 Melissa McCarthey as Abby Bergman and  Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann

Female members of the fan club organization the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire try on the Ghostbusters III version of the proton pack weapons.

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