Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Batman Vs. Superman is guaranteed to become a reality.  It has already finished filming and is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2016.  No joke.  No illusion.  The next Batman film is also the next Superman film while also being the next Wonder Woman film.  Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will meet for the first time and encounter a common foe in the form of Lex Luthor.  Everybody always wanted to see Batman fight against Lex Luthor and now that wish will finally be fulfilled.  But first, we'll have Lex Luthor con Batman into attacking and possibly killing Superman before Batman discovers that he's been conned.  It's comic book action in both Gotham City, Smallville and Metropolis as three of the greatest comic book colorful action costume super-suit wearing super-heroes meet for the first time ever. (2016-03-25)
 Ben Affleck stands by the Batsignal
 Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Clark Kent aka Superman meets for the first time.  Naturally, this is a special version of the Batsuit with Kryptonian level strength and Kryptonite Radiation weaponry
 Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman being seduced by Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne aka Batman
 Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman who is not happy with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman.  She's angry enough to kill him.
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman inside what's left of Wayne Manor (Destroyed in the film Batman Begins and apparently never rebuilt).  Or rather, a rebuilt version from The Dark Knight Rises was donated to the Gotham Public School System so it's either this burnt out wreck or an apartment complex that Bruce Wayne aka Batman used in the Dark Knight.  At any rate, Clark Kent aka Superman is about to pay a visit to the Batcave.
 Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne aka Batman hanging out with film director Zack Snyder
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther---The sworn arch enemy of Clark Kent aka Superman who has become Bruce Wayne aka Batman's newest best friend.  They attended the same private schools, they attended the same Ivy League colleges and they are both born into exclusive wealth and privilege while functioning as Chief Executive Officers of major corporations.  Plus, both have super-powered intelligence that are equal in every possible manner.  In other words, they are evenly matched in every possible manner.
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther loves to play basketball.
Ben Affleck's version of the Batmobile

 Young Bruce Wayne is about to be traumatized by the unprovoked murder of his parents at the hand of the vicious League of Shadows.
 Amy Adams as Lois Lane hangs out in both Gotham City, Smallville and Metropolis

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