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West Midlands of England was where Sara Lee was born.  The date of her birth and her current age isn't known.  Born in a musical family, both of her parents were music teachers by profession, her sister played the Cello while her brother played the trombone.  Sara Lee's preferred instrument during her teenage years was the kettle drum (also called the Timpani) and the acoustic bass guitar before switching to the electric bass guitar.  A string of temporary short lived bands preceded her one year employment playing electric bass guitar for Robert Fripp (From King Crimson fame) as a member of his one album maximum rock group The League of Gentlemen (Not to be confused with the super-hero comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and it's resulting comic book super-hero film) from 1980 to 1981. 

After playing bass guitar as a sessions musician for Robyn Hitchcock's 1982 album Groovy Decay, she joined the punk rock band Gang of Four for their albums Songs of the Free (Released in 1982) and Hard (Released in 1983) before leaving the group for a career as a sessions musician.

She was a sessions musician for the Thompson Twins and the B52's on their album Cosmic Thing.  They enjoyed her sessions musician contribution so much that she appeared in music videos for the B52's songs Love Shack and Roam.  From there, Sara Lee was a sessions musician for the Indigo Girls for seven years (Including their performances in the Lilith Fair) and Ani DiFranco from 1996 to 1997.  Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joan Osborne and Fiona Apple also used Sara Lee as a sessions musician on their albums before doing more sessions musician work for the B52's in 1999.  Sara Lee released her debut album on Ani DiFranco's private record label Righteous Babe in the year 2000.   She then did sessions musician work for Todd Rundgren before the Fifth Annual Independent Music Awards recruited Sara Lee for work as one of it's judges.  Sara Lee continues to record music and tour to support her music while doing more work as a sessions musician to this exact moment of time.

 Jewel Kilcher, Sara Lee and Sarah McLachlan

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