Friday, July 24, 2015


And I chose to look out of the window.  Just for a few seconds.  Just to see what was outside.  There is a large grassy field where two road extensions intersect.  And the empty grassy field is next to three warehouses.  And the empty grassy field is being mowed today.  The empty grassy field isn't mowed all the time, but today was the day for the mower to keep the grassy field nice and trim.  And the sky is a deep shade of blue with a few clouds above me.  Ah yes, it's a calm and relaxing day.  It's a good day to be alive.  And I feel overwhelming optimism about today.  There is no worry.  There is no concern.  Today is a day for optimism.
And as I'm lost in thought as I look outside of the window, here are some photos of Willa Holland.

 Paul Blackthorne and Willa Holland

 Paul Blackthorne, Willa Holland and Stephen Amell

 Stephen Amell, Willa Holland and Paul Blackthorne
 Willa Holland

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