Thursday, October 6, 2016


Oh what a calm day it has been.  It was a calm ordinary day just like any other.  Yet it was also a day in which I felt as if a lot has been accomplished.  I didn't think that today was going around in circles.  Rather, I felt as if my life was directly progressing forward in a direct linear line.  And I look upon the night and what I see is darkness.  Perhaps there's a moon up there.  I never took the time to find out.  Yeah, I got enough time to look up at the night sky in search for the moon.  And perhaps next I shall do so.  But right now, it's night.  It's time for sleep.  Tomorrow starts tomorrow.  Then it's breakfast again.  The start of a new day.  A chance for positive new opportunities.  A chance to move forward.  A chance to enjoy happiness. 
And as I'm lost in thought during the opening days of Autumn, here are some photos of the following individuals. 
Lea Seydoux

Adele Exarchopoulos, Alicia Vikander, Lea Seydoux, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly and Miranda Kerr
Alicia Vikander, Lea Seydoux, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly

Alicia Vikander and Lea Seydoux
Alicia Vikander and Michelle Williams

Karlie Kloss, Nicolas Ghesquiere and Delphine Arnault

Lea Seydoux and Delphine Arnault

Leila Bekhti and Adele Exarchopoulos
Michelle Williams, Nicolas Ghesquiere and Jennifer Connelly
Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss

Miranda Kerr, Lea Seydoux and Delphine Arnault
 Miranda Kerr and Lea Seydoux
Alicia Vikander, Catherine Deneuve, Xavier Dolan and Michelle Williams
Adele Exarchopoulos and Sasha Lane
Sasha Lane and Jennifer Connelly

Adele Exarchopoulos

Alicia Vikander

Lea Seydoux

Michelle Williams

Jennifer Connelly

 Jennifer Connelly and Nicolas Ghesquiere

Miranda Kerr

 Nicolas Ghesquiere and Miranda Kerr

Fan Bingbing

 Nicolas Ghesquiere and Fan Bingbing
Leila Bekhti

 Leila Bekhti and Nicolas Ghesquiere
Karlie Kloss and Rila Fukushima

Rila Fukushima

 Nicolas  Ghesquiere and Rila Fukushima

Sophie Turner

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