Tuesday, October 18, 2016


There are lots for me to feel joyful about. 
1.  There isn't much Dandelion weeds for me to yank from the ground roots and all.  The needs for outdoor gardening is much easier for me in that respect.
2.  It blows my mind how easy computer technology has made my life.  The Internet has simplified everything from photography, writing stories and posting blogs onto the Internet.  Heck, I can even make movies with my laptop and my tablet computer if I can figure out how to do so.
3.  The world hasn't ended yet.  Democracy still rules the land here in the United States of America.
4.  There is a strong possibility that the Democratic Party will retain control over the White House.  That's good new for a Liberal Democrat such as myself.
5.  Columbus, Ohio continues to be one of the greatest cities on Earth to live in.
And with that in mind, the happy and joyful day continues it's path filled with cloudy skies, strong winds and a calm and confident nature.
And as I'm lost in thought while being happy and joyful, here are some photos of Ashley Greene.

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