Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Melissa Brennan was born in Eatontown, New Jersey on March 14, 1967.  Not much is known about her childhood except she was seventeen years old when she got her first acting job as Georgiana in the film Somewhere, Tomorrow and one year maximum employment as Jade Perkins in the daytime soap opera Santa Barbara .  Melissa Brennan then found employment in the role as Jennifer Horton in the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives (Maren Stephenson (1976 to 1977) and Jennifer Peterson (1977 to 1979) previously played the character.  However, a decision was made for Jennifer Horton to make the unrealistic leap from kindergarten child to teenager which made Melissa Brennan's employment necessary.  Even though she was the third actress to play the role, Melissa Brennan became the actress most associated with the role.  Melissa Brennan got married to a country music singer named Scott Reeves and adopted her married name of Melissa Reeves on 1990.  She played Jennifer Horton from 1985 to 1995, upon Stephanie Cameron played the role from 1995 to 1998.  Jennifer Horton was gone for two years.  Melissa Reeves returned to the role from 2000-2006, walked away for four years, returned to Days of Our Lives on 2010 and she's been playing Jennifer Horton on the daytime soap opera ever since.  She did the film Summer Camp Nightmare in 1987 and she did the film Half a Dozen Babies with her spouse Scott Reeves in 1999.  She also did an episode of the anthology television series the Hitchhiker entitled Homebodies in 1987.  She produced a daughter in 1992 and a son in 1997.  Melissa Reeves continues to act on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives at this exact moment of time.

 Melissa Reeves and Greg Vaughan
Melissa Reeves

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