Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Nancy O'Dell with current Republican Party United States of America Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and his third wife Melania Trump.
 Former Access Hollywood host and current Today's Take portion of the Today Show anchor and Bush Family member Billy Bush and his former Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O'Dell.
Billy Bush, Donald Trump and Days of Our Lives soap opera actress Arianne Zucker in the controversial news clip that's ruining the careers of Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

I'm not trying to be judgemental, but here's what television reporter Billy Bush should've done on that tour bus on Unknown Day, Unknown Month 2005.
1. Check to see if the microphone was turned on and then check to see if the recording equipment is turned on. If so, then turn the microphone off and also turn the recording equipment off.
2. If Billy Bush was unable to (Or forgot to) do number 1, then before leaving Access Hollywood to host the Today's Take portion of the Today Show, take the Controversial News Clip with him (Hidden under his coat, hidden in a backpack or hidden in a briefcase). Take the Controversial News Clip into a garage (Preferably his garage and not Nancy O'Dell's garage (at a time when Television Journalist Nancy O'Dell was hosting a slumber party with Soap Opera Actress Arianne Zucker and eighty of their closest Girlfriends (Though Donald Trump and Billy Bush will want to take photos))) and burn the Controversial News Clip in gasoline. Pray to GOD that he's not arrested for theft and destruction of NBC/Universal property.
3. Do the same as Number 2, but use the stolen Controversial News Clip to bribe Donald Trump with. Ask for more money that Billy Bush knows what to do with in return for the Controversial News Clip being delivered to Donald Trump. In response, Donald Trump will either do one (Or more than one) of the following possibilities.
a. Pay the bribery demand.
b. Hire Hitmen to shoot Billy Bush and then take the Controversial News Clip from Billy Bush's fingers while laughing like a maniac followed by a car chase which is longer than normally expected because the script writer ran out of ideas (I've been watching too much police procedural films and TV shows).
c. Scream at Billy Bush for being unable to (Or forgot to) turn off microphones and recording equipment.
d. Either Donald Trump or one of his Trump Corporation Minions returns the Controversial News Clip back to NBC/Universal and asks NBC/Universal to broadcast the Controversial News Clip as soon as possible because theft is wrong and morally bankrupt. Which means that Donald Trump and Billy Bush will have to either steal the Controversial News Clip a second time or simply let it air because letting it air was the honest thing to do.
However, nothing of the sort ever happened. The Controversial News Clip is out there for everybody to witness. And the end result will only benefit Liberal Democrat United States of America Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. And Liberal Democrats like me are overflowing with joy that Billy Bush is unable to (Or forgot to) turn off microphones and recording equipment.
Adrianne Zucker was naturally horrified that Donald Trump and Billy Bush thought of her in that manner.  Still, Adrianne Zucker is a strong woman and she'll cope with it all the best way that she knows how.

Adrianne Zucker and Melissa Reeves

Adrianne Zucker

 Ted Price and Adrianne Zucker

Adrianne Zucker

Kyle Lowder and Arianne Zucker

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