Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Nancy O'Dell with current Republican Party United States of America Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and his third wife Melania Trump.
 Former Access Hollywood host and current Today's Take portion of the Today Show anchor and Bush Family member Billy Bush and his former Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O'Dell.
Billy Bush, Donald Trump and Days of Our Lives soap opera actress Arianne Zucker in the controversial news clip that's ruining the careers of Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

Way back on Unknown Day, Unknown Month, 2005, Republican Party Candidate for President of the United States Donald Trump and television reporter and Bush Family member Billy Bush has made about Billy Bush's Access Hollywood Co-Worker at the time Nancy O'Dell and Days of Our Lives TV show actress Arianne Zucker. Despite the fact that the conversation going on between Donald Trump and Billy Bush sounded dangerously like rape and sexual assault, the Donald dismissed it as "Locker Room Talk". "Locker Room Talk" is perfectly alright, even in the corporate boardroom according to the Donald. But the Donald didn't always feel that way.
Let's also look backwards in time to March 14, 2010 to May 23, 2010 (The filming dates were October 19, 2009 to November 12, 2009. There were five Celebrity contestants left in the Season 3 of Celebrity Apprentice (Season 9 of the United States of America version of the Apprentice overall). World Wrestling Entertainment athlete (Who released a four song rock album EP entitled Seven Sins on April 13, 2010) named Maria Kanellis was being grilled by Donald Trump. Donald Trump was host of that episode of Celebrity Apprentice while his children Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were the cohosts. The episode took place in Trump Towers. Why was the Donald grilling Maria Kanellis? The Donald was grilling Maria Kanellis because she was using locker room talk in the boardroom. What did the Donald say while he was grilling Maria Kanellis? He was saying, "This is my Boardroom. This is not a locker room. Maria, you're fired."
So essentially, it's ok for guys to engage in locker room talk that suggested rape and sexual assault while in the boardroom because it's guys being guys while in the locker room. But it's not ok for women to engage in locker room talk, not suggesting rape, not suggesting sexual assault, not saying the word crap, not saying the word shit, no locker room talk of any sort. So for the Donald, being allowed to say locker room talk in the Boardroom, be forgiven and still get elected President of the United States is ok for men, but never for women. It's kind of a disturbing double standard, don't you think?
Maria Kanellis might still be shaken by the fact that she was punished by Donald Trump for locker room talk in the boardroom, but the Donald was perfectly fine with Billy Bush going overboard with locker room talk in the Access Hollywood tour bus workplace environment.  If Maria Kanellis is shaken by such a cruel double standard, then she's trying to cope the best way she knows how.

 Maria Kanellis, Donald Trump & Candice Michelle

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