Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Yesterday was National Taco Day.  Tacos originated in Mexico centuries before the arrival of European invaders from Spain.  Typically, tacos had a soft shell and was filled with fish instead of ground beef.  When invading the Aztec Kingdom in the area which is now known as Mexico City, the borough of Coyoacán was the only region of the Aztec Kingdom that not only welcomed Hernán Cortés, but was also willing to discard the religion of the Aztec Kingdom in favor of Christianity.  As a result, Coyoacán was the only portion of the Aztec Kingdom spared by Hernán Cortés and became the base of operations when he became governor of New Spain (Now called Mexico).  And to celebrate, tacos was introduced to Hernán Cortés.  Hernán Cortés then shared tacos to his military officers and later to King Charles I (Emperor Charles V) Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany and Italy, King of Spain, Sicily and Sardinia, King of Naples and Jerusalem, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy (Titular), Lord of the Netherlands.  King Charles I (Emperor Charles V) was so delighted by the discovery of the taco, that he shared the new culinary meal with members of his royal court.  And thus began the world wide enjoyment of the taco---A meal that originated only with the Aztec Kingdom, but now enjoyed by us all.  And yesterday was National Taco Day---The day to celebrate the taco.  Enjoy.
And as I'm lost in thought as I eat a taco for lunch, here are some photos of Bella Thorne.

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