Thursday, October 22, 2015


Don't be discouraged if nothing goes your way.  Perhaps you didn't try hard enough.  Perhaps you tried too hard.  Perhaps you did everything right, but the environment wasn't right.  Perhaps the person you were doing this for didn't like the product.  Perhaps the person you were doing this for liked the product, but did it a different way.  Perhaps the plan only worked when it was raining outside and it was sunny outside instead.  There are plenty of ways the plan could fall apart and there was no way to anticipate every possible outcome.  So don't worry if nothing works the way you were hoping.  Try again.  And keep trying again until you get it right.  You will get it right eventually if you try hard and often enough.  All you need is the confidence that you're on the right path or close to embarking on the right path.
And as I'm lost in thought on a warm Thursday afternoon, here are some photos of Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo.
 Lauren Graham


 Lauren Graham and Brett Michaels

 Oliver Platt and Lauren Graham

 Piper Perabo

 Piper Perabo and Steven Pasquale

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