Thursday, October 8, 2015


So this was the question posed to me today.  Is buttered toasted bagels better than buttered toast?  Is buttered toast better than buttered toasted bagels.  It's hard to chose one or the other because both have their values.  Sometimes I feel like eating a buttered toasted bagel with my oatmeal.  Other times I feel like eating buttered toast with my oatmeal.  And there are times when I feel like enjoying a buttered toasted English muffin with my oatmeal.  It all depends on the mood I'm in.  I'm not sure what mood I'll be in when morning arrives a few hours from now.  Perhaps I'll enjoy buttered toast to go along with scrambled eggs.  And coffee.  Ah yes, it's impossible to think of breakfast without a steaming mug of coffee.  Actually, coffee can be enjoyed at all hours of the day.  However, it's still night and morning is still a few hours away.  Far better to make it through the night in one piece before it's time to start thinking about breakfast in the morning.
While I'm lost in thought while eating a bagel (buttered of course) and a steaming mug of coffee, here are some photos of Sofia Vergara.

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