Friday, October 23, 2015


Ukraine was once independent before being tossed between incorporated into Poland and Russia at various points of time before being absorbed into the Soviet Union.  Other countries that occupied Ukraine was Lithuania, The Ottoman Empire (Now called Turkey) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The breakup of the Soviet Union gave Ukraine the chance to be independent for the first time since the fourteenth century on December 5, 1991.  While still allied militarily with Russia, the more recent Ukrainian Government has leaned closer towards the United States and NATO which lead to a military invasion of Vladimir Putin lead Russia.  Still, while losing a tiny piece of their country to such an invasion, the rest of Ukraine is still standing proud as the newest member of NATO and as the newest ally of the United States.  However, one of the consequences of being allied with the United States concerns the statues.  Ukraine isn't allowed to pay tribute to Russian Communist Party General Secretaries now that it's a newly minted ally of the United States and NATO. 
Which means that the statue of former Russian General Secretary Vladimir Lenin located in Odessa, Ukraine...
 ...Has been transformed into...
 ...A statue of Sith Lord Apprentice Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader.
It was either that or tear the statue down and this option was far cheaper to perform.

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