Wednesday, October 28, 2015


And here I thought that the rain had ended.  But I was wrong.  Well, yeah, the rain was ended, but then the rain returned.  It was more like a light drizzle, but then it was ended again.  So I guess it's not raining anymore.  The light drizzle of rain was brief, but made in impact in keeping the outdoor plants fed, the rivers and streams filled with water along with the sidewalks and the streets soaked by rainwater.  And so I look out of the window at the cold Autumn landscape.  Perhaps I'll go for a walk outside now that the drizzle of rainwater has ended.  It's a good day for a casual stroll down the block for a good afternoons worth of exercise.
And as I'm lost in thought on a cold Autumn day while drinking a steaming mug of coffee, here are some photos of Jena Malone.

 Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone

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