Friday, November 27, 2015


Well, how was your Thanksgiving Day?  Well, my Thanksgiving Day Dinner was great.  It was actually three days of Thanksgiving Day celebrating.  The middle day was spent with family.  And it's with family that Thanksgiving Day is best celebrated.  Thanksgiving Day has always been a day to celebrate what we got and be thankful for what we got.  And for those who are lacking, we make the effort that such a condition is both temporary and brief.  Because the disadvantaged that we were charitable and gave a helping hand to could turn out to be our greatest friend and ally.  I guess that's what happens when we spend time with folks that we don't normally spend time with and may be surprised by how surprising pleasant such a person is.  Because Thanksgiving Day is also a day we expand our social circle with newfound friends.  And that's the biggest lesson that Thanksgiving Day has in store for us all.
And as I'm lost in thought as Thanksgiving Day continues to be in the rear view mirror, here are some photos of Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink.

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